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My aim is to create new ways to connect small businesses and brands to audiences. Through digital marketing, and sleek web design I can transform your business by crafting powerful and engaging content across multi-platforms. Keeping things really simple, transparent & accessible, working flat, fast, and fun — without any awkward handoffs between thinking and making.
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Digital is everywhere.

From the second we wake up to the moment before we sleep – it inspires us. Digital connects us to what’s important in our lives and drives our passions.

I believe emerging technology has unique potential to speak to audiences like never before, but we must bridge the gap between man and machine. Crafting powerful engagement means building beyond the device and advocating for the user.

But let’s be honest, working out how to set-up an optimised, user-friendly website for your brand or business is a huge pressure – anxiety-inducing to say the least! I’m here to take that pressure off you, helping you launch a killer website. Then you will be able to focus on what matters most you you, like running your business, landing dream clients and doing the things you were made to do. 

So here’s the deal. It’s about time for a strategic process that feels less like knocking your head against the wall and more like an Indian head massage – straightforward, relaxing yet invigorating. Sound good?


Btw…Leens Creative donates a percentage of profits to an independent charity each week.